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The five lakes: A heavenly place that has not been explored yet

After two hours by bus from Huanuco city and about 30 minutes by foot we land to Pichgacocha, beautiful place located at 3600 meters above sea level, whose biggest attraction are five lagoons connected by majestic waterfalls.

I had nothing planned and it was about 9 o'clock in the evening when one of my friends came and said that the Dirección Regional de Educacion was organizing a visit to "Pichgacocha", a quechua word that means five lagoons. I did not think it twice and accepted the invitation.

The next day, two mini vans and a station wagon waited for us at Amarilis Park, the starting point where the rest of the crew, most of them teachers and some journalists, gathered together to join us on this adventure.

We took the road to La Libertad, and when we were in Las Pampas we took a detour and drove for two more hours. To reach this beautiful place the distance is measured in hours not kilometers like in many other countries.

From the minivan we were able to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Conchamarka and La Libertad. Nevertheless, while we were climbing the hills, the air became fresher and a thick fog prevente us from seeing the driver. We were very surprised when all of a sudden the driver stopped - a mudslide had blocked our way- but we were very close so
we decided to continue on foot.

We found a rustic hut and also the beginning of the most complicated path of the trip. From that moment we climbed the stones and walked through narrow and dangerous paths. I tried not to look at the edge of the cliff and focused more on every step and move I took.

At nine o'clok in the morning, following a little entrance, we arrived at the five lagoons. We were surprised by the quietness of one lagoon, which at that point we couldn't distinguish very well because of the fog. We continue walking on the lagoon shore till we arrived at an enormous rock that was inviting. One of the teachers said, "Let's greet and thank Mother Nature for such beauty given to us at this moment". The teacher also showed and explained to us the greeting that people who practice yoga use. In that moment we stood in front of the lagoon, lifted our hands and breathed deep, then we laid with extended hands and closed our eyes for a couple of minutes.
The sensations I felt are difficult to put in words. There was a total peace, I felt in harmony with mother nature, I completely forgot my monotonous way of life.

After, we slowly opened our eyes and contemplated the lagoon. To our astonishment the fog slowly began to lift. Another teacher said, "Mother Nature is welcoming us... she's returning our greeting." The teacher next to me wanted to cry... The view was majestic and the lagoon was like a mirror that reflected the mountains. The trek was a
bit harder for me cause I'm not used to walking in high altitudes.
But when I saw that view I said to myself, "It's worth it"!

In that moment I began to imagine boats sailing in the lagoon, fishermen throwing their fishing rods in search of trout. On the shore I saw children playing in their colorful tents. On the other side, not too far, I imagined a group of people practicing Tai Chi.

All of these visions could be possible one day if a businessman decided to launch a new unconventional touristic product for those who seek adventure...

by Orlando Bravo / trad. Ana Maria Gutierrez

La Haciendad de Shismay

La Hacienda Shismay, es un lugar perfecto para personas entusiastas y aventureras, para pequeñas y grandes familias y para todos a los que les guste relajarse o disfrutar de la aventura. Es sin duda un lugar mágico y misterioso, debido a que esta rodeado de una exquisita belleza natural, que incluyen hermosas lagunas.

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